Ammouliani, Chalkidiki, Greece

The tiny island of Ammouliani is Halkidiki’s best kept secret,  with Greece’s finest beaches, exotic and unspoiled islands to explore, and delicious sea food to indulge in.  Few foreigners know about this charming little destination and even fewer Greeks visit as they tend to travel to larger, more popular islands. However do not let this tiny little island fool you. Ammouliani is an island off of the gulf of Athos peninsula (the third peninsula of Halkidiki). It is the only island of Halkidiki that’s inhabited. The crystal blue waters on this island are some of the best in Greece. Since the island is not packed with tourists, you can actually enjoy the islands’ beauty.

Most of the taverns and shops are situated around the port, however many cafes and taverns can also be found across the island. Unlike the Cyclades or other islands found in Greece, Ammouliani is covered in green and olive trees. With a size of 4.5 square kilometers, Ammouliani is ideal for anyone looking for a short but worthwhile vacation.

Ammouliani, Chalkidiki, Greece

How to get to Ammouliani

The only way to reach the island of Ammouliani is by taking the ferry from the port of Tripiti, Halkidiki (about 2 hour drive from Thessaloniki). The price per passenger is 2.20€ and for a normal passenger car it is 10.10€. There is a ferry ride to the island every hour. The ride to the island is about 15 minutes long.

Route from Thessaloniki to Ammouliani

Beaches in Ammouliani

There are several beaches in Ammouliani, which include, Alikes, Megali Ammos, Agios Georgios, Karagatsi, Faka, Tsaska and Nissaki. Although all of them have soft golden sand and crystal clear blue waters, Alikes is by far the most popular. With a crescent shaped beach, Alikes includes one camping site, three beach bars to choose from and one tavern to eat at.

Ammouliani, Chalkidiki, Greece

Useful Information about Ammouliani

• There is a public bus that can take you to the beaches, however,  it only runs once an hour.
• You can rent cars, motorcycles or bikes to tour the island.
• The last ferry from Ammouliani to Tripiti leaves 7 PM (until July 2nd) and 7:45 PM (July 3rd-September 10th)  so make sure not to miss it or else you’re going to be stuck on the island!
• There is one big hotel complex, the rest are family owned hotels, studios or rooms to rent; there are also two camping sites.

Ammouliani, Chalkidiki, Greece

Ammouliani offers everything a tourist might need, from supermarkets to souvenir shops, to taverns,  to fast food and cafes, and to beach bars. This is the perfect island for anyone who needs a quick getaway from the city or for whoever wants a quiet and relaxing vacation.

Ammouliani, Chalkidiki, Greece

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Ammouliani, Halkidiki

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